Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls are provided within the Dental College campus. The Rooms are well furnished with single and two bed occupancy.

Well furnished rooms are also available for the NRI Students.

There is an ultra modern kitchen with steam cooking facility. There are two separate dining halls for boys and girls.


A student seeking admission into the hostels shall submit his/ her application to the Principal. The form will be made available in the hostel. While submitting the application the student will be required to sign a discipline declaration form. The application and discipline declaration form should also be signed by the parent. The declaration form submitted by the student and the parent gives authority to the warden and the principal to institute disciplinary action.

A passport size photo of the student should also be affixed to the application form. After Principal’s approval of the application and on payment of caution fee deposit, admission of the student to the hostel will be regularized. In case a student does not join the hostel within 15 days of intimation, admission to the hostel will be cancelled automatically.The caution fee deposit of Rs. 6000 (subject to revision) towards hostel deposit and the hostel fees are to be paid to the finance section at the time of joining the hostel. Admission to the hostel will not be regularized unless the said fees are paid. The deposits will be refunded to the student at the time he/ she leaves the hostel after making deduction, if any. Each student permitted to reside in the hostel has to pay. Under no circumstances proportionate reduction will be made for any short stay; In the event of non-payment of prescribed rent and electricity charges for the hostel on the date or dates fixed, the student will be levied penalty initially and later will be made to vacate the hostel.

Withdrawal from the Hostel:

Students passing out of the college or discontinuing their studies or those desirous of residing with their parents or guardians will be permitted to leave the hostel on written application to the principal through the warden of the hostel. The students if they leave the hostel without any valid reason, he/ she will not be readmitted into the hostel.

The stay of a student in the hostel will normally be limited to those years from the date of his or her joining the college decided on merits of each case. The students who have completed the prescribed BDS course but failed in the final examination in one or more subjects are not eligible to stay in the hostel. 

Renewals of admissions to the hostel shall be made each year without prejudice to claim of seniority.

If a student is evicted from the hostel under order of the Principal, the applicant can be re-admitted only after the receipt of the Principal’s approval or orders for re-admission fee of Rs. 1000/-, which will be neither refunded to the student nor adjusted towards his mess dues. This will be credited to the hostel fund.

Students should notify the warden in writing 15 days in advance of the day they intend to leave the hostel. If a student leaves the hostel before the fourth of the month without permission from the warden or Principal, he/ she will be liable to be charged for the whole of the month.

A student, however will be allowed to leave the hostel on medical grounds approved by the warden.

On no account should the student leave the hostel before the warden permits them.