Driving force of successful people

Dentistry as such is more of an art than science, it surely helps you to carve out a niche of artist in you ,it helps you to add dexterity to your life and basically equips you with the empathy of understanding patient’s oral health needs.


Every field of science, sustains only because of enthusiastic contemporary comrades who contribute to the advancement of their involved science and helps in acclimatizing the science for societal needs, so is the field of dentistry ,we should strive in distributing the fruits of dentistry to every possible diseased mouth irrespective of their economic strata, which can be a challenging task, keeping the cost of treatment in mind. I  personally feel that satiety of satisfaction is something which drives most of the successful people in life. Here I would like to add the academic profile of Dr.Naveen Gulati IPS who is currently posted as SP of Nalgonda.who was the chief guest for the graduation day ceremony, he did his MBBS and MD (Radiology) from government medical college, Gujarat, having attained post graduation in one of the coveted branches of medicine his satiety levels for satisfaction were high and he wanted a career change and  opted for civil services.

Dr. Dilip,

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery