About kids

Quality Education, Global Standards

For about two decades Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences has been equipping future dental surgeons with value based and globally comparable skills.

Faster and Better Comprehension

Technology Mediated

We use a curriculum that promotes active learning through technology mediated methods rather than mere one-way teaching to provide newer perspectives and wider comprehension of topics non-linearly.

At par with the world’s best

Global Competence

Keeping our students abreast of the latest developments in dentistry is our prime motto. Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are carefully designed and implemented to achieve these results.


Value Based

We ensure that our curriculum provides necessary training to make our students imbibe the noble qualities that are required to become respectable professionals and responsible citizens.


Commitment to Quality Dental Education & Health Facilities

Founded by Sri Kamineni Suryanarayana, a technocrat, educationalist, philanthropist and visionary, with a mission to serve the people in the region of Nalgonda and neighboring districts with dental health facilities which has a special focus on rural community

Vision and Mission

Shaping future dental surgeons to global standards while serving the patients in rural area with state-of-art dental treatments.

Best Practices

Deploying a curriculum that kindles the minds our students that fuses knowledge with innovation and research capabilities.


Designed for ensuring best possible growth of our students in an environment that is structured to be friendly and dependable.

Extension Activities

Bringing in the sense of social responsibility among our students by involving them in appropriate community activities.

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