“To establish an Institute of Dental Education and Research of global standards
and to serve the people in the region with dental healthcare at an affordable cost,
with special focus on rural population”


  • Making the ‘Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences’ as a Centre of academic excellence through appropriate, innovative and need-based programs of teaching, research, service and extension, with community orientation in a student – friendly learning environment.
  • Encourage learning as a positive experience to empower the dental students with appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Providing technology-mediated education (ICT) and to shift the focus from teaching to learning.
  • Providing access to the disadvantaged sections of the society to the dental education.
  • Encouraging and inculcating the spirit of research among the faculty and the students.
  • Instilling in the students a sense of national pride and appreciation of Indian tradition and culture and to instill ethical and moral values and commitment to society.
  • Knowledge and Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.

The Mission statement reflects the institution’s distinctive characteristics

Education to all sections

The Institute ensures dental education to all sections of the society through the policy of reservation during admissions.

Equal opportunities

The College ensures that all students are given equal opportunities in academic, research and extension activities such as participation in classroom interaction, competitions, celebrations, service oriented programs like NSS, dental health care outreach programs.


The College provides access to all the students to utilize the library, well equipped laboratories and other infrastructural facilities.


The College conducts bridge courses, remedial programs for disadvantaged / slow learners and assigns study projects. Training in skills is imparted to the students through classroom teaching, practical demonstration, assignments and hospital postings.

Making Responsible Dental Surgeons

The college aims to develop the students into good human beings – primarily a citizen of modern India and finally the global village and trains in that direction with special emphasis on discipline, ethical and moral values and social responsibility as a dentist.

Faculty Development

The College provides opportunities to faculty members to update their knowledge, skills and research capabilities by encouraging them to attend to faculty development programs / workshops / seminars conducted by University and other institutions.