Dr S Jayaprada Reddy


Professor & Head
Scientific Activities
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  • Hearing loss and its association with occupational long term noise exposure in dentistry personnel at 35th IACDE National conference, Guwahati 2021.
  • A New Biological Approach To Vital Therapy at 33rd IACDE National Conference,Vijayawada held from 16th-18th November 2018 at Vijayawada.
  • Spiral CT – A search engine- Case reports- Poster presented at 1st International Digital Dental Conference held in shilpakala vedika held from 26th – 28th August 2016 at hyderabad
  • Presented Scientific Paper on “Clinical comparison of effect of two different concentrations of Home Bleaching agents on gingival inflammation” in the 30th IACDE and 23rd IES National conference held on 26th – 29th November 2015 at Amritsar.
  • Life member of IDA
  • Life member of IACDE