Dr.M.Jaya Nagendra Krishna







11 Years of teaching experience


June, 2012

REsearch Interests




1. An invitro comparative evaluation of the antibacterial efficacy of
10% metronidazole gel, 2% chlorhexidine gel, and a combination of calcium
hydroxide and 2% chlorhexidine gel against enterococcus faecalis.
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2. Microleakage of class V resin composites using various self – etching
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7. Pediatric odontogenic tumor of the jaw – A case report. Journal of Clinical
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8. Comparative Evaluation of Marginal Adaptation of Biodentine and Other
Commonly used Root End Filling Materials- An Invitro Study. Journal of
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15. Honey and Olive Oil as Bio‑Friendly Substitutes for Formalin and Xylene in
Routine Histopathology. Indian Journal of Dental Research 2017;28:286-290.
16. Management of Fused Tooth with Localised Gingival Growth – A Rare Entity.
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17. Management of Single Rooted Mandibular First Molar A Rare Entity
– A CBCT Analysis. Annals of International medical and Dental Research
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18. Histological Evaluation Of Working Length Determination Using Radiography,
Radiovisiography and Electronic Apex Locator Methods – An Exvivo Study.
International Journal of Scientific Research 2019;8(3):37-39.
19. Post Endodontic Monoblock Restoration with Novel CAD/CAM Endocrown
Approach: A Case Series. International Journal of Scientific Research
20. Assessment Of Marginal Microleakage Of Two Bulk Fill Composites Using
Different Finishing and Polishing Systems: An In Vitro Study. International
Journal of Scientific Research 2019;8(4):47-49.
21. Effect of modulated photoactivation of bulk fill composite on microleakage
in fluorosed and nonfluorosed teeth: A confocal laser scanning microscopy
study. Journal of Conservative Denistry March-April 2020;23(2):180-184.

Presented Guest Lecture Titled Management of Endodontically Treated teeth in Zonal CDE Program held at Meghana Institute of Dental Sciences, Nizamabad on 1 Feb 2014.
Presented Guest Lecture Titled Advances in Management of Dentinal Hypersensitivity in Future Dental Professionals held at Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences, 2014.
Presented Paper Titled Fragment Reattachment- An Esthetic Advent in State Conference at G.Pulla Reddy Dental College & Hospital, Kurnool held on 8th July 2016.
Presented Paper Titled Comparison of bonding efficacy of simplified etch &rinse and self-etch adhesive with ethanol wet bonding technique- An invitro study in 32nd IACDE & 25th IES national conference at Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat held from 23rd – 26th November 2017.
Presented Guest Lecture Titled Dental Caries and its Prevention on 5th March, 2018 at Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences, Narketpally.
Presented Paper Titled Morphological evaluation of fluorosed and non fluorosed teeth after ER YAG laser etching – A scanning electron microscope analysis in 33rd IACDE National Conference, Vijayawada held from 16th-18th November 2018.

Academic Editor in International Journal of Research and Reports In Dentistry on 17 Dec 2018.

•Effect of two different concentrations of home bleaching agents on gingival inflammation.
•Morphological evaluation of fluorosed and non fluorosed teeth after ER YAG laser etching – A scanning electron microscope analysis.
•Comparative evaluation of Reciproc and Waveonegold reciprocating rotary file systems for canal cleaning ability – A SEM study.
•Micro-CT evaluation of dentinal microcracks, apical transportation and apical debris of protaper gold, Hyflex EDM, Waveone gold, Reciproc single file systems in curved root canals.
•Effect of antimicrobial efficacy & smear layer removal efficacy of photoactivated cow urine as irrigating solution on E.faecalis.
•Evaluation of surface topographic defects of different rotary instruments – An invitro scanning electronic microscopic study.