Dr.N.Lakshmi Kavitha




KLE’S Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum, 2000

Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences, 2010


10 Years of teaching experience



REsearch Interests

oral Potentially malignant disorders, Oral cancer, TMJ disorders, Forensic odontology



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1) Paper presented on Cleidocranial dysplasia : A case report; JNANADHARE; IAOMR PG convention 2007
2) Paper presented on Ossifying fibroma: report of 3 cases; IAOMR PG conference 2007
3) Paper presented on Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor; IAOMR PG convention 2009
4) Poster presented on Diagnostic aids for cysts and tumors of oral and maxillofacial region; National Tripleo symposium 2009.
5) Paper presented on “Gender determination using odontometric analysis: a radio morphometric study” at National IAOMR PG conference, Hyderabad 2015.
6) Paper presented on “Non-invasive assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in oral submucous fibrosis” at National IAOMR PG convention, Gannavaram 2017

1) Working as a reviewer for Imaging Science in Dentistry (International pubmed indexed)
2) Reviewer for an international pubmed indexed journal – JOURNAL OF ORAL PATHOLOGY & MEDICINE
3) Reviewer for Asian journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (National pubmed indexed) and Indian Journal of Dental Advancements

1.Assessment of salivary cortisol levels in stress related oral disorders
2.Morphometric analysis of canine in gender determination: revisited in India.
3.Prevalence of zygomatic air cell defect : Revisited in india
4.Comparative morphometric evaluation of soft palate in various stages of oral submucous fibrosis – A digital cephalometric study
5. Assessment of elongated styloid process in patients with oral submucous fibrosis using orthopantomogram
6. Gustatory changes in tobacco chewers, smokers & Oral submucous fibrosis patients
7.Non-invasive assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in oral submucous fibrosis”
8.“Non-invasive assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in recurrent aphthous stomatitis”
9. Non-invasive assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in Oral Lichen planus”
10. Evaluation of prescribing skills in final year BDS students and house surgeons
11.“Evaluation of subjective taste perception and gustatory function in Oral Lichen planus”
12. “use of mid upper arm circumference for evaluation of nutritional status in patients with potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer”
13. “Association of diabetes mellitus as a predisposing factor in development of Trigeminal neuralgia
14. Evaluation of carotid artery calcifications in OPG and correlation with doppler USG as an early diagnostic marker in stroke.