Dr N Sudhir


Scientific Activities
  1. A novel approach to recreate, rehabilitate and restore the facial defect with a partial facial mask – An interesting case report. Contemporary clinical dentistry
  2. Calcium sodium phosphosilicate in the management of dentin hypersensitivity. Ec dental science .
  3. Evaluation of accuracy of various impression techniques and impression materials in recording multiple implants placed unilaterally in a partially edentulous mandible-An in vitro study.Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry .
  4. Evaluation of stress in an implant retained over-denture using different attachment systems. Indian journal of applied research.
  5. An indigenous device for auscultation of temporo mandibular joints. Indian journal of applied research.
  6. Digital cephalometric tracings by PRO-CEPH V3 software for comparative analyses of vertical dimension in edentulous patients.Journal of Clinical And Diagnostic Research.
  7. Shear bond strength of different intraoral repair systems bonded to metal and porcelain. Journal of research and advanced dentistry.
  8. Remedy for Repeated Implant Retained Denture Fracture-A Challenging Case Report. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research.
  9. Full mouth rehabilitation along with bilateral precision attachments. Indian J of dental advancements and research.
  10. Evaluation of shear bond strength of three different types of artificial teeth to heat cure denture base resin: An in vitro study. Indian journal of dental research.
  11. Precision Attachment: A Boon to Prosthodontics. Indian J of dental advancements and research.
  12. Dental prosthetic status and needs of adult rural population living in and around Nalgonda: A survey. Survey Journal of Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences.
  13. Full mouth rehabilitation with group function occlusal scheme in a patient with severe dental fluorosis. Indian J of dental advancements and research.